3.3 (Aug 2012)

  • NEW: Web access to camera and quad-view images.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in Client that would cause Reports to be generated against the first configuration of a day regardless of subsequent configurations published on the same day.
  • FIX: Fixed Engine bug that could cause outputs in SCATS mode to become stuck on until a restart.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Algorithms to improve camera control when scene brightness increases rapidly.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Algorithms to improve accuracy of volume and turning movement counts.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Algorithms to increase image contrast and detection in zones that are heavily shadowed.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Algorithms to improve fog detection.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Fractional seconds and day/night indicator added to each row in raw count files.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Made so that, in SCATS mode, fast vehicles that exit a zone, but are never observed in that zone, will now generate a count file entry in addition to the output pulse they were already generating.