6.3 (June 2016)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: 6.3 includes a special firmware update for all GS2 Processors. Please see the Firmware Update Notice at the top of this page and/or the Update section in the Front Panel documentation for more information on how this will affect the update procedure.

NEW: Percent Arrival on Green and Percent Arrival on Red Reports

NEW: Zones and Masks can now be clicked and dragged

  • NEW: Cloud data download! When downloading data for reports, the Client will now check both the Processor and GRIDSMART Cloud for available data. Data will be stored in GRIDSMART Cloud for Legacy Processors where network access has been allowed and for GS2 Processors.
  • FIX: Reports with multiple sheets when exported to Excel now have proper sheet names and won't balk on opening
  • FIX: Resolved issue that could prevent Volume Exceeded Alerts from being sent
  • FIX: The Network IP Address is now visible in the Diagnostics Dialog again
  • FIX: "Add Contact" text box now clears when selecting a contact for Alerts or Auto Reports
  • FIX: Allow Network Access in Site Settings -> Network now works as intended. NOTE: In order for Legacy Processors to continue sending Alerts and Auto Reports in this version, "Allow Network Access" must be checked. This setting will default on for Legacy Processors.
  • FIX: Auto Reports can be sent over the Modem on any GS2 licensed for the Performance Plus Module.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The search functionality on the Client Sites Homepage will now search port numbers on matching IP Address.
  • IMPROVEMENTS: General improvements to performance data accuracy:

  1. Larger vehicles could sometimes record more than one count, this has been mitigated.
  2. Differentiating short-track u-turns from left turns as well as small-angle left turns from thru movements has been improved.
  3. Right-turn only zones (for right-side driving) on dog-legs, where the flow vector is pointing towards the right-turn direction, are now better at identifying right-turns versus through movements.
  4. Vehicles traveling together could sometimes be counted as a single vehicle; this has been improved.
  5. Lane discrimination in the case of adjacent zones has been improved.
  6. False counts from camera motion have been mitigated.
  7. Improvements were made to the counting of vehicles turning out of a zone on red.