6.4 (November 2016)

  • NEW: Speed data and reporting. The new speed reports show speeds by phase or zone and by interval and/or green cycle.
  • NEW: GS2 Processors now report offline detectors on TS2 controllers per NEMA standard.
  • NEW: Connected Processors will now automatically adjust clock for time changes such as Daylight Savings Time changes or clock drift.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Name and Organization can be set when registering for GRIDSMART Cloud through the Client.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Site Search in the Client now also searches for matching Processor serial numbers.
  • IMPROVEMENT: GS2 Processors without properly installed Option Cards will not start at all and will show only a blinking red system status LED.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Further counting improvements. Specifically, improved separating counts for vehicles traveling together when viewed from the side and counting vehicles turning out of a zone on red.
  • FIX: The included firmware update resolves an issue where a GS2 Processor may, in very rare conditions, fail to startup or restart properly, indicated by no LED lights and high speed fan operation.
  • FIX: Resolved issues preventing Volume Exceeded and Flash Alerts from being sent.
  • FIX: Resolved issue that caused Realtime Data API endpoints to return empty data.
  • FIX: Resolved issue where setting the system time on a processor behind the current system time would cause the Server to delay certain events. This fixes a known issue where the Learning notification remains up in the Client even though the Engine is tracking.
  • FIX: Auto Reports set to end at midnight now run for the intended day instead of spilling over into the next day.
  • FIX: Resolved issue that was misclassifying some left turns as u-turns during all-approach congestion.

SPECIAL NOTE: With the continual addition of new features, in particular support for speed reporting on this release, we must migrate your existing site databases to a new format. In some cases, this new format may grow too large to preserve all of the data shown in the calendar of the Client Reports view. In such cases, we will preserve the most recent data up to capacity. The older data will still be on your Processor for reimport, and on your Client machine, just not visible or available for reporting. An upcoming iterative update to the Client will allow you to reimport this data for new and continued reports.