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Issue - Networked AXIS cameras overwhelm Processor


Description: If a processor appears to be losing performance after connecting to a network known to include AXIS encoders, the processor may be overwhelmed trying to resolve those cameras as part of the system. This can easily be verified with logs showing messages about unrelated AXIS cameras discovered on the network.

Solution: Please send the logs to support if possible to verify that this is the issue. Once the issue has been verified, a member of support can walk you through setting up the firewall to ignore these cameras. This issue will be corrected with GRIDSMART 6.8.

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Do you know when 6.8 will be coming out.  I have a GS system doing this and the customer would like it fixed.


If you are having this problem, we have a patch for 6.7 that will fix the problem.    I don't think this has been written up yet but our technical support team should be able to assist you if you give them a call.  

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