6.8 (January 2018)

- NEW: Occupancy Based Outputs. Zones can now be configured to trigger outputs based on occupancy.


- NEW: Add support for the Axis M7011 encoder for use with Rectilinear IR cameras


- IMPROVEMENT: Simplified setting outputs on TS2 and ITS. BIUs and SIUs were removed from Control Settings and are now implicitly set when configuring outputs.


- IMPROVEMENT: Improved Camera Discovery. Addressed slow camera boot issues by using a new discovery process.


- IMPROVEMENT: Camera LEDs have been changed for clarity. The first Camera LED now indicates the status of configured cameras: Searching (flashing Amber), Missing any camera (flashing Red), All Online (solid Green). The second Camera LED now indicates whether there are new cameras (solid Green) or no new cameras (off).


- IMPROVEMENT: Modified camera control to brighten dark zones while simultaneously avoiding the saturation of well-lit image regions.


- IMPROVEMENT: Only configured outputs are activated during Recall.


- IMPROVEMENT: Improved the speed of reboots on GS2s.


- FIX: Resolved issue ( https://support.gridsmart.com/discussions/topics/27000001089 ) where systems connected to networks with AXIS cameras could get overwhelmed trying to resolve those cameras.



- FIX: Resolved issue ( https://support.gridsmart.com/discussions/topics/27000001049 ) where, in some cases, connectivity to a Site would appear to flash on and off.


- FIX: Resolves issue ( https://support.gridsmart.com/discussions/topics/27000001030 ) where the Engine could restart when the system time was updated by 10 seconds or more.


- FIX: Resolves issue ( https://support.gridsmart.com/support/discussions/topics/27000001132 ) The Client should no longer get hung on the Loading screen due to a corrupt settings file.



- FIX: Resolved bug (https://support.gridsmart.com/support/discussions/topics/27000001128 ) where a missing postal code could prevent the Info dialog and Site Settings from opening.


- FIX: Resolved bug (https://support.gridsmart.com/support/discussions/topics/27000001106) where pedestrian zone states were not being logged to the zone states data files appropriately.



- CHANGE: Full PDF user guide in client replaces the now deprecated HTML user guide. The online user guide and support is now handled through support.gridsmart.com.


- CHANGE: Only sites connected over the processors local port will be automatically discovered by the Client. Sites on a network must be connected to by manually entering the IP.

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