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Speed data in the API

Is speed data posted anywhere in the API? It would be nice to poll the processor to get approach speed data. 

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City of Hamilton will be integration the GRIDSMART API with KITS, the City's ATMS central software later on this year. The GRIDSMART API data will be fed directly into the KITS congestion manger module as system inputs. Having the ability to access speed data through the API would be extremely helpful for our project. I agree with Eric that Speed Data should be part of the API.

Just an FYI that speed data is available in the API via the "Realtime data by zone" API (`/api/realtimedata/zone`) on a per-minute basis or in the Snapshot. A value of `-1` indicates there is no data to report. A value of `0` means stopped. Values are as computed in How does GRIDSMART work with speed data article.

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