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Only count right turns for free-flow right turns

Via Randy Cooper (Newport News, VA):


I know we have talked with you about the free flow right turn movement and how it counts.  While some of the solutions are doing pretty well they still have some challenges and then new intersections really take some time to adjust to get it working.  I have a few more intersections that this is an issue with and I have thought of a potential solution.  Can it be programmed for counting purposes to identify a specific detection zone as a channelized right turn detection zone.  Then any car that passed that detection zone would be forced to count as a right turn associated with the approach that it is programmed with. 

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Hi Randy-

Good to hear from you. That's a good idea for us to consider, really appreciate the input.

When you're thinking of this, do you imagine it should be offered only for zones with a single allowable movement? In other words, I don't think that "Count Allowed Turn Only" option would make sense if the zone had multiple allowed movements (e.g., a dual-use right and thru zone). What do you think?

FYI for anyone who stumbles across this, we do have a posted article on Counting free-flow turning zones accurately that might be helpful if you haven't already seen it.

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