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Config menu item not present without camera - initial bench setup

Is there a way to access the configuration menu item in the client without a camera attached for a new out-of-box GS2?

When setting up a new system to be field installed later that will be connected to the agency IP field network, I'd like to be able to run the configuration/settings entries to prep it for our network on the 'bench' by just plugging the GS2 with power and a laptop.  Connecting up a camera for bench setup is a bit of a pain for doing just basic network/system settings.  I'd like to have it fully bench config'd for network, NTP, etc. so that field crews would only have to install the hardware and camera.  This way, when install is complete, it can be accessed over the network immediately without another site visit to the processor with a laptop as setup for zones/masks/remaining settings can all be done remote with the client or VNC.

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Hi Kevin- We appreciate the request. I apologize if you haven't heard back from anyone on this request until now. This is a good suggestion and something that we will do, though I do not have a timeline for that development yet.

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