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Option to export Raw count data to ODBC or SQL from within Gridsmart Client

Having the ability to dump the raw count data directly to a SQL or ODBC database from within the Gridsmart application would be a fantastic time saver for us. Currently we export the counts monthly to CSV then run a SQL import script. This is a tedious and time consuming task that is getting worse as we increase the number of Gridsmart deployments.

Hey Eric- Because of all the different ways people have wanted their data, we went with flat-files (CSV generally) so they could be easily imported into other systems. This data flow from processor-to-Client-to-DB seems like something that could/should be automated as processor-to-DB via API rather than through the Client. Basically some code to pull the counts in regularly via the API (which is effectively already in the open source repo) and then parse and inject them into the DB of your choosing (would require some new code dependent on your tables, etc.). That's kinda what we expect the API to be used for rather than us implementing all the different custom ways folks want their data massaged.  Does that make sense? Could be a good student project...

Gotcha. We'll give this a shot in house and let you know how it goes. We'll be happy to contribute our final result if we pull this off.

We don't have any students, we are the students! :) Thank you!

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