6.9 (September 2018)

- NEW: Connection Management. Using the new columnar site list view, sites are shown with additional details, including connection information. From this view a user can delete connection information or toggle the connection on or off. The connection can also be toggled from the site view menu.

- NEW: Streams. With the Performance+ license, a GS2 can now  supply RTSP URLs to stream from attached cameras. The URLs can be found in the  Info Dialog by clicking "Show GRIDSMART API."


- NEW: License Sync. Generated licenses can be automatically distributed to processors with cloud connectivity.


- FIX: The Server and Engine have been reprioritized for better performance


- FIX: The Client no longer automatically imports sites from  drives. Instead, a dialog will ask for confirmation before importing sites.


- FIX: Support added for additional switch packs with ITS and ATC.


- FIX: GS2s now support Canadian advanced ("fast flash") green. 

- FIX: Support added for timing data in TS2 responses required for some adaptive systems

- FIX: Fixed issue where, in some rare cases, calls for vehicles that partially exited a dual-use, thru-right zone could be dropped.


- FIX: Resolved issues that could prevent pedestrian zones from activating.

- FIX: Resolved an issue where the Recommission window might not open


- FIX: Resolved Issue (https://support.gridsmart.com/support/discussions/topics/27000001148) where updates might hang during the "high speed fan" mode. 


- FIX: Resolved Issue (https://support.gridsmart.com/support/discussions/topics/27000001205) where Traditional Cameras might be mistakenly detected as Fisheye Cameras.


- FIX: Resolved Issue (https://support.gridsmart.com/support/discussions/topics/27000001248) where replay would show the incorrect zone state if there was a published change during the selected hour of replay.


- FIX: Resolved Issue (https://support.gridsmart.com/support/discussions/topics/27000001247) where Phases and Calls would only show data for a single camera during replay.


- FIX: Resolved Issue (https://support.gridsmart.com/support/discussions/topics/27000001147) where Volume/Zone/Approach Realtime Data endpoints we're miscalculated.

- IMPROVEMENT: Reduced the rate of misclassifying left turns as u-turns.


- IMPROVEMENT: Increased the accuracy of the loss of visibility detector.


- CHANGE: The Engine display window now shows no debug information and shows zones in a Client-like color scheme.


- NOTICE: The Engine display window will be removed altogether in an upcoming release.


- NOTICE: Due to changes made with licensing, in rare cases an existing license might need to be updated. Please contact support if you experience any issues with your license after updating.


- NOTICE: Future GRIDSMART release numbers will adopt a date-based numbering scheme like YY.MM. For example, GRIDSMART 18.11 would represent a release in November 2018 and GRIDSMART 19.3 would represent a release in March 2019. Patches and revisions will be represented by a third number such as 19.3.1 or 19.3.2, which would represent a first and second patch or revision to the 19.3 release, respectively.

Regarding the date scheme change. Will this impact the API? I currently use counts by date in a script that formats it in YYYY-MM-DD

Hey Andrew- The scheme change is just for GRIDSMART versioning. I updated that bullet to try to clarify that.

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