Modules are independently licensed sets of features that can be enabled on a GRIDSMART Processor. Currently available Modules include the Performance Module, the Performance Plus Module, and the Pedestrian Module.

The historical Publish approach described below is still supported and required for Processors running Firmware earlier than GRIDSMART 6.0. For Processors running 6.0 and later, just put the XML license file at the root level on a USB stick and then insert that stick into the Processor.The Processor will take care of everything else.

For Processors running Firmware earlier than 6.0:

  1. Launch the GRIDSMART Client and click the Site Card for the site of interest.

  2. Enter the Site Configuration Screen by clicking the pencil icon in the Site Menu.

  3. Click the Site Settings icon in the Site Configure Screen then click Modules.

  4. Follow the directions there to add a license file that will enable the new Module(s).

  5. Publish your changes.