After configuring its network settings, it's possible that you may not be able to communicate with the STREETSMART device at the new IP address. This procedure will allow you to regain connectivity to the device. 


  1. You've connected to the device using the default IP Address
  2. You've modified the Network Settings on the Configuration page.
  3. You clicked Apply Changes and the device indicated that it was applying the network settings and rebooting.
  4. You've configured your laptop to be on the same subnet as the device


Device settings

| Setting | Value          |
| ------- | -------------- |
| IP      | |
| Subnet  |  |

 Laptop settings

| Setting | Value          |
| ------- | -------------- |
| IP      | |
| Subnet  |  |

  1. You're unable to communicate with the device at the new IP address



  1. Download attached to this article.
  2. Extract archive contents
  3. Open bcconf.cfg in a text editor
  4. Find the `serial` setting
  5. Replace the placeholder text with the last 6 digits of the device serial number
    • Ex: Serial # is SNR276662, the line should be "serial=BC276662"
  6. Copy the 3 files (bcconf.cfg, interfaces, resolv.conf) to an empty USB drive
  7. Insert the USB drive into the USB port on the front of the STREETSMART unit.
  8. Wait 6 minute, then remove the USB drive.
  9. Allow 30 more seconds for the device to reboot.
  10. Reconnect to the STREETSMART unit at to reconfigure.