Using GRIDSMART Streams

Performance+ module now comes with a new functionality–Streams!  
This functionality allows users to take advantage of RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) to get an external live-view of each GRIDSMART camera.  This can further be used by any video player compatible with RTSP, such as with VLC or an NVR (Network Video Recorder). To use this functionality, the processor should be set at a static IP (steps to do this are below), and the Performance+ module must be enabled.

Instructions for setting up Static IP.  
While looking at the desired site’s homepage through the Gridsmart client, click into the Configure mode.  Go to Site Settings, and in the Network section, uncheck Enable DHCP checkbox.  

Fill in your desired static IP, subnet, and gateway.  If you are unsure of what values to use, please let us know or refer to your system administrator.  After these values are set, hit Apply and close out the window.  

From the site’s homepage menu, select Diagnostics and click Reboot System... to ensure settings are applied.

To see RTSP Stream endpoints
From the site’s homepage menu in the GRIDSMART client, click Info.  Ensure that you have the Performance+ module installed.  If the Performance+ module is not installed, RTSP stream endpoints will NOT be displayed.  Open network ports 9000-9004 as well.

Click on Show GRIDSMART API to bring up API endpoints. Your screen should look similar to the following screenshot, but the IP address should reflect what you set as your static IP.

Using VLC to test RTSP Streams
If you would like to test your Stream URLs, VLC is a free open-source media player that supports RTSP.  Once VLC is open, simply select menu Media→Open Network Stream.. and copy/paste the full Camera Stream URL as the network URL (ex. rtsp://  

If you have any questions, please contact