DescriptionWhen running the client and viewing a site with a flattened view, the client might crash. 

Solution: We have found this problem to occur on Windows machines running without the most recent updates. Running Windows Update and loading the most recent .NET Framework changes fixes this issue. 

Specifically, we have found the following updates to solve the problem.

Windows 7 KB4458611

Windows 10 KB4343909

EDIT 10/23/2018

In the case of processors for which the client on the processor is the only means of configuration, we have provided a version of client installer that will provide a backwards compatible version of the virtual PTZ. It can be downloaded from the Support downloads page on GRIDSMART Cloud.

If this occurs on your laptop, we recommend trying to update Windows first to see if that resolves the issue. If not, the client installer with the backwards compatible version of the virtual PTZ may be used.