Description -  By design, if Windows does not shut down properly it will boot into a recovery mode. We have identified a situation that affects all GS2 Processors. 

The GS2 Processor utilizes a capacitor bank to provide constant, even power. This power bank can take a few minutes to completely power up. If the Processor loses power after Windows boots but before the power bank is charged, Windows does not have time to shut down properly. This causes Windows to boot into the recovery mode.  

Signs that your Processor is stuck in a recovery state - (all of these will be true)

- Flashing status and Camera light

- Client will not connect to the Processor

- VNC will not connect to the Processor

- Update stick will not update the Processor

If all of those things are present your Processor may be in the recovery state.

Solution -  

  1. Plug the processor in and wait for 30 seconds
  2. Connect a USB keyboard
  3. Press the ESC key and wait for 30 seconds
  4. Press the down arrow then press ENTER

This should navigate the menu to clear the recovery screen and boot to windows. The system will now begin working as it should.