GRIDSMART Remote Update Procedure

Use the following procedure with caution. In the event a problem occurs during the update, an onsite technician may be required.
While the processor is updating, the Processor will place the intersection into Recall.

Step 1. Download the latest GRIDSMART software update from

Step 2. Extract the update package to a location on your computer, USB flash drive, or network.

Step 3. VNC into the target Processor. On the Processor, navigate to C:\aldis\update.

Step 4. Copy the correct .bin file from the update contents (from the extracted update package) and paste it onto the desktop of the processor.

If updating a v4 system, copy the bin file .../aldis/update/C3154D3B-02BC-4343-823C-4CD9CB722E3A.bin
If updating a v5 system, copy the bin file …/aldis/update/D4412EAB-1E12-441A-B2BA-33C5DB6B5280.bin

***The .bin file has everything necessary for the update.  You do not need to copy the two folders or GRIDSMARTClientInstaller.exe.***

Step 5. Copy the .bin file from the desktop and paste it into C:\aldis\update

This example assumes updating a v5.x or later Processor.  So, the file “D4412EAB-1E12-441A-B2BA-33C5DB6B5280.bin” is used.

Select the D4412EAB…5280.bin file and copy/paste it to c:\aldis\update on the Processor through VNC.

The below image shows the D4412EAB…5280.bin file copied to c:\aldis\update folder on the Processor.

Once the .bin is copied into the c:\aldis\update folder, the update process will begin automatically. The VNC connection will be interrupted briefly during the update but should return once the update is completed and the Processor reboots.