PREREQUISITES: GS2’s must first be updated to 6.9. LPs are not supported. 

CRITICAL NOTE ABOUT THE UPDATE: This update will take a longer time to complete than most prior releases, up to 15 minutes depending on the processor. It includes both low-level firmware updates as well as security updates to the underlying operating system. Upon reboot, it may take several minutes for the system to start up while the operating system updates are applied, with both the STATUS and CAMSTAT LEDs flashing during this time. DO NOT DISRUPT THE SYSTEM DURING THIS TIME. 

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PUBLISH: The publish workflow has changed to improve security features. We now require admin created usernames, roles, and passwords to publish or make changes. To publish by default, you must type publish for the user name and then the default publish account password, which is set to the GRIDSMART historical default password (aldis#world9). All current passwords will be reset to defaults upon updating to 19.3. The  administrator of the Processor should create appropriate user accounts with appropriate roles and ensure secure passwords.

  • NEW: Bicyclist discrimination in the box that enables green extension for bikes. This new feature, available with the Performance Plus Module, satisfies the California MUTCD 2014 revision 3 and provides both improved safety and improved efficiency relative to stop-line bicycle discrimination. 
  • NEW: Length-based counting now differentiates bicyclists as a fixed length of 6ft so that length-based reporting can be used for bike counts. The minimum recorded length for a vehicle is 11ft. Note that motorcycles may sometimes be recorded as bicycles or vehicles.
  • NEW: Basic device configuration such as network, date/time, and NTP is now done **only** via browser, providing a device-focused, secure alternative to the Client. Through this new interface, you can configure network/security settings, date/time, and location without requiring a connected camera. The GRIDSMART device manager is accessible via web browser, when connected to the processor laptop port, at There is also a link on the processor desktop if you are connected via VNC. Using this device manager will require the default administrator account credentials; consult your user guide or ask support for that information and note that you should change those default credentials.
  • NEW: Enhanced security features are provided and configurable through the new browser interface. This includes client HTTPS support, user management, SSL certificate management, options to disable VNC and USB ports, and a self-audit security check.
  • NEW: An x64 Client installer is now available. This is the preferred installer, but an x86 client installer is also available for customers still running the client on an x86 architecture. 
  • NEW: Processors running 19.3 can be updated remotely to subsequent versions via the new browser interface.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Length-based classification is now more accurate by taking advantage of the new bicycle discrimination capabilities.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Volume and Turning Movement reports by Approach can now optionally include empty columns to provide consistent exports for post-processing workflows.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved networking and Cloud connection management, particularly with the included cell modem. 
  • IMPROVEMENT: During an update, call LEDs on the GS2 front panel are used to indicate progress.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed the colors in the Client to better differentiate Road Masks from Object Masks.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved detection of bicyclists in low contrast stop-line zones.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved capture of nighttime counts that might have been missed if the headlights were obscured as the vehicle left a zone, such as by a luminaire or mast arm.
  • IMPROVEMENT: In some cases, certain zones – particularly occupancy count and permissive only zones – could remain activated after vehicles exited (stuck call). This issue has been improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: In some cases, with advanced detection (traditional) cameras, zones with stopped queues could deactivate (drop calls) or fail to activate with tightly spaced vehicles. This issue has been improved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: All external communications adhere to TLS 1.2.
  • FIX: GS2’s now read Canadian Fast Flash properly with TS2 controllers.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where some cameras would not supply an RTSP URL with the Performance Plus Module.
  • FIX: Fixed issue where processor might not recover properly after loss of power. See: 
  • FIX: Fixed issue where Client might crash when viewing fisheye in virtual PTZ (flattened) mode. See: 
  • FIX: Changes to some traditional camera configuration parameters (camera height, compass heading, calibration rectangle) were not being applied after a publish, but only after a restart. This has been resolved.
  • FIX: Resolved rare issue that could cause unplanned Engine restarts when a camera connection was exhibiting communication failures.
  • FIX: Resolved a very rare condition that could trigger an engine restart in multi-camera systems.
  • FIX: Resolved a bug where incoming API requests, such as from a remote Client, could prevent a just-updated processor from starting correctly until the processor restarted itself a subsequent time.
  • NOTICE: This version includes support for a work-around to enable RTSP H.264 streams over TCP on non-standards-compliant implementations that rely on ping (e.g., Genetec).
  • NOTICE: The Pedestrian Module is no longer available and that functionality is now included as part of the Performance Plus Module.
  • NOTICE: GRIDSMART 19.3 is the first to adopt the previously noted change to the release numbers to the YY.M format.
  • NOTICE: There are several changes in upcoming releases of which you should be aware: 

                    - The Engine display window(s) will be removed altogether. 

                    - HTTP will be deprecated and HTTPS will be required for all API use.

                    - VNC will be removed altogether. 

                    - JSON will replace XML for serialized data exchange for all API use. 

                    - Support for the previously deprecated quad-view API will be removed altogether. Flattening must be done in the GRIDSMART Client or third-party video management systems with the streams feature.

  • SECURITY: Operating system security updates included are: 

                    - KB4493467 

                    - KB4054566 

Please refer to the GRIDSMART Box FAQ for further information and notes.