To get the more complete set of logs with a system running version 19.3 or later, you should download logs through the device manager. Go to 'Diagnostics' tab --> 'Logs' and select 'Send diagnostics to GRISDSMART Cloud' to upload logs using Cloud (only will work with valid path to Cloud) or select `Download Logs` to download logs through your browser.  

If device manager is not available, with versions 6.9 and later you can alternatively open a command prompt by right-clicking the start (Windows) button in the lower-left of the screen (left side of the taskbar at the bottom) and selecting Command Prompt. Then in the window that opens, type in at the command prompt the command, "apit --service Diagnostics --action dump" without the quotation marks.

apit --service Diagnostics --action dump

Note there is a space after the word apit and the word Diagnostics, but not after either of the two double dashes. Also the word Diagnostics is capitalized.  The file dump will get created and saved to C:\gridsmart\zips on the Processor. It will be a single zip file named "dump". 

Additionally, if the processor is connected to the Cloud, one can request log upload through site's page on to Cloud/AWS, or by using the following command on the processor:

apit --service Diagnostics --action dump --tag aws+nowait