A rare circumstance can cause a camera to get discovered without supplying it's calibration data, which is critical for software operation. The lack of calibration data manifests in the client as an inability to add zones or show an image in PTZ with a new, unconfigured camera. If the camera is published without this calibration data, the processor will enter a reboot loop until the site is reset to factory. If the camera is already in the site configuration, the calibration data stored there is used, so configured cameras are unaffected. 

If you encounter a camera behaving this way in the Client for a new camera DO NOT publish the camera changes. Instead follow these instructions:

  1. Disconnect your Client machine from the processor 
  2. Remove the Factory Default site from the Site List
  3. Disconnect the camera from the processor
  4. Wait 1 minute
  5. Reattach the camera
  6. Reconnect your client machine

If the behavior persists, do this again, but power off the processor for 2 minutes instead of just waiting for 1 minute.

If the behavior persists after that, please get in contact with support so the issue can be investigated more closely.

If the camera is published without the calibration parameters, the software will repeatedly restart. Reset the Processor to Factory to clear the configuration and power cycle the processor to rediscover the camera with parameters.

Version(s) effected: All versions