This is a maintenance release to add features and/or correct the following issues.

  1. The users can now select/deselect all available runs to the SimTraffic Select Runs window to analyze results & create reports.
  2. The users are now able to see the entire Node Settings grid in the Timing Settings window regardless of window resizing.
  3. When updating the report settings in the Defaults.syn file, the changes to report settings are being saved now.
  4. Link, Node, and Ln/Mvt result displays now function independently, so results can be displayed together on the Map.
  5. When updating the SimTraffic calibration settings in the Defaults.syn file, the changes to SimTraffic Calibration Interval settings are now applied upon clicking the Defaults button.
  6. Offline Bing Maps refresh button no longer causes exception.
  7. For UTDF import/export the limit of Phasing Settings parameters now matches between Synchro & CSV.
  8. There were some inconsistencies in displaying Lost Time Adjust and Future volume in Timing Grid. That has been fixed.
  9. LOS outputs for some movements were not matching between HCM 6th/2010 Grid & HCM 6th/2010 Summary Report has been corrected.
  10. For HCM 6th and HCM 2010 Detailed Text Reports Data columns are now lined up properly for long row headers.
  11. In the previous version, there was an error when merging files by location with a new intersection. That has been fixed.
  12. Some inconsistencies in HCM 6th Grid results for Approach LOS vs. Approach Delay have been corrected.
  13. SimTraffic animations for multiple runs are now consistent with reports output.
  14. In the previous version, pressing the "Undo" command was making the offline Bing background aerial disappear. This has been fixed.
  15. When updating the report settings in the Defaults.syn file, the changes to report settings are being saved now.
  16. Offline Bing map regions don’t disappear if the user aborts the map download.
  17. The LOS icon is now consistent across the Ribbon Bar.
  18. Canceling out of the Print Dialog caused Synchro to require a restart. This has been fixed