This page  information related to  version 85.x for Advanced Transportation Controllers (ATCs) that conform to v5 and v6 of the ATC standard such as the Model 2070LX (with 2070-1C CPU) and the Cubic Trafficware Commander. The program, which conforms to NTCIP 1202 v2, supports 32 vehicle phases, 32 pedestrian phases, 32 overlaps, 8 timing rings, 32 output channels, 100 logic steps, and 128 vehicle detectors. 

The major version number of Scout software is 85; “v85” and “Scout” refer to the same program. 

Functions and features that were added after the initial release of the program are noted with the version number, surrounded by brackets, of the release in which they first appeared. For example, [85.2] indicates that the function or feature was added in program version 85.2. You can quickly find new functions and features by searching the document for the brackets and version number.

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Scout Software – Release Notes

85.3.0 (Build 652.9, 1 Dec 2021) 

WarningScout 85.3.0 is supported by ATMS 2.12 and StreetSync 3.0.


Fix: Wrong configuration version being downloaded causing controller failure


Fix: Alarm 73 not working with Web Access 

Fix: Fast Flash Overlap Rate selection


Fix: Detector Status and Alarm remaining active 

Fix: FYA Min Time larger than phase Min Green creating conflict situation 

Fix: TSP incorrectly programmed causing permanent inhibits, error alarms created for TSP 

Remote Access Web Browser upgrade 

Updated SPM data enumerations to August 2020 standard 

Improvements to Input/Output selection screens


New: ATC Cabinet initialization


New: Engine Board type added to version screen 

New: Controller-Manager utility for upgrading hardware 

85.2.4 (Build 599.20, 31 August 2021) 

Fix: Crystal Clock source wouldn’t stay selected. 

85.2.3 (Build 592.18, 25 May 2021) 

Fix: Local Counter fluctuating causing transition. 

85.2.2 (Beta-Release Build notes, 7 April 2021) 

Fix: Overlap not terminating correctly with Preempt service


Fix: FYA Min Time setting after force off causing conflicting indications 

Fix: Wrong values in Split history showing longer cycle lengths 

Fix: User mode configurations with certain preempt setup causing software hold resolved 

Fix: FIO Status incorrectly displaying in Commander UI 

Improvements to coordination calculations to improve time to sync 

TSP operation improvements to achieve TED time 

LPI calculations with Shortway calculation correction 

85.2.1 (Build 570.4, 08 February 2021) 

Fix: FYA Phase Next Interrupted causing conflicting indications 

85.2.0 (Build 566.1, 22 January 2021) 

Warning Scout 85.2.0 is supported by ATMS 2.11 and StreetSync 2.1.8.  

Increase Pattern specific items from 48 to 253 

Improvements to navigating Pattern specific items 

Default Split number for each Pattern changed to match pattern  

New: Selection for a Free Ring operation per Pattern 

New: Red Extension functionality 

Updated TSP status screen 

Updated Overlap status screen 

Fix: Soft Recall not working in same barrier 

85.1.72 (Build 561.48, 05 January 2021) 

(Limited Feature release) 

Fix: FYA Min Time calculation causing conflicting indications 

Fix: Phase with no demand could extend to Max in presence of cross-barrier calls 

Fix: SDLC fault alarm bug fix introduced in 85.1.71 

T.R. functionality added 

New: Disabling a failed DET BIU allows its Failed state to be cleared 

85.1.71 (Build 550.46, 23 November 2020) 

(Limited Feature release)


Fix: NTCIP object patternSplitNumber may return invalid value of 0 

Default split number for each pattern changed from 0 to 1 

Controller logging improvements intended to help identify issues more efficiently 

85.1.70 (Build 485.23, 30 September 2020) 

(Limited Feature release) 

Fix: door alarm in ATC cabinet does not activate


Fixes for NTCIP API: phaseConcurrency pads return values with up to 32 bytes of zeros; maxPreempts returns 0 instead of 12; ringStatus always returns 0; Local Cycle Zero alarm may not activate; AscPhaseBlock GET response too long; GET of dynamic object

 with phaseMaximum or phaseDynamicMaxLimit may be too long 

85.1.69 (Build 484.22, 25 June 2020) 

Improved operation during coordinated operation and using Ring setting to terminate FYA to serve pedestrian movement (“FYARedB4Ped”) 

Fix: when using Ring setting to terminate FYA to serve pedestrian movement (“FYARedB4Ped”), minimum green may not be honored, and yellow change interval may never terminate or may time twice 

Fixes to asynchronous serial bindings: GPS protocol causes port to freeze, CMU/MMU protocol only offers Async1 option 

85.1.68 (Build 483.21, 4 June 2020) 

Warning Scout 85.1.68 version requires ATMS type 85.1.68+ for support.

Added new options (All Red, Ring, Side Street Call) to control how to terminate FYAs to serve conflicting pedestrian movements (“FYARedB4Ped”) 

Fix: issue with timing when Diamond Mode is changed 

Fix: database converted from v76 could have corrupt Day Plan data 

Increase Event quantity in Day Plans from 16 to 20 

Changed certain Graphics UI screens to better match Classic UI screens 

New: Setting for FYA minimum service time 

Added support for all 32 phases in TSP 

Added Ped apply and Yield point adjustments on Easy Calculations screen 

Fixes for detector alarm, schedule, day plan, time of day clock, and time zone offset NTCIP objects 

Tested with ATC v6 Engine Board OS 1.0.3 

85.1.67 (Build 481.19, 30 March 2020) 

(Limited Feature release) 

New: Coord Hold parameter provides a window of time for a call to come in or stay in coord phases 

New: Max parameter in split tables allows changing Max via Pattern instead of via Alt Table 

85.1.66 (Build 473.18March 2020) 

Improvements to Graphics UI performance and appearance 

Enhancement: Conversion support for user maps and I/O to Scout 

Add ability in Graphics UI to save changes before exiting screen

New: FYA features including FYARedB4Ped and Gap Dependent FYA 

Fix: Controller goes into transition every 10 min. 

Enhancement: TSP functionality imported 

Fix: Interval Advance input behavior 

Enhancement: Add Ped and Red extend events to high-resolution data logging 

Added ability to activate Low Priority Preemption via SNMP 

Enhancement: Alternate Table information viewable on main status screen 

Misc. corrections to Classic UI


85.1.65 (Build 409.1130 July 2019) 

(Initial release)