Get Started

No worries. Really.

We encourage to you to explore all the menus, click all the buttons, and toggle all the options. Please feel free to try everything. It's much better than reading a manual.

Install the GRIDSMART Client on your computer, unless you plan to use it on the GRIDSMART Processor with a mouse, monitor and keyboard.

Make all physical connections, including the camera(s). Power on the Processor. Wait 4 minutes.

Connect your laptop to the Processor Local port, launch the GRIDSMART Client, and select the Factory Default site when its Site Card appears on your Sites Homepage.

Click Configure (pencil icon) on the Site Menu and enter the appropriate data carefully and accurately when prompted.

Draw and configure Vehicle Zones. Draw Road Masks. Draw Object Masks.

Publish (the default password is aldis#world9) and observe the operation.