GRIDSMART 6.7 is a critical bug fix update.


  • FIX: Resolves the loss of network settings issue. The Processor now examines the network adapter settings at startup and ensures the critical internal network is configured and working appropriately. With this fix, the Processor will self-repair issues where the network settings may be corrupted after an unplanned restart. The Processor will also reset the internal network to its designed settings in the event that a user inadvertently changes them. Note that this self-repair mechanism will trigger an extra restart. Please be patient and allow the process to complete; it may take up to 9 minutes.
  • FIX: Resolves a known issue that caused GS2 processors to sometimes repeatedly restart overnight, in the early morning hours, while attempting to apply carrier updates to the internal modem with limited or no connectivity.
  • FIX: Resolved a known issue where applying network settings fails when the Processor is not connected to the network being configured.
  • FIX: Resolves a known issue in which a Reset to Factory might fail to bring the Engine back online and cause the Processor to restart.
  • FIX: Resolves a known issue that would cause GS2 Processors without an internal modem to fail to record data and images to USB storage.
  • FIX: Resolves a known issue that could trigger spurious Flash (Loss of Green) alerts.
  • FIX: Resolves an issue in which the Processor triggers an errant IP Address alert caused by a failure to read the current IP Address.
  • FIX: The Client installer has been modified to prevent installation failures due to file permission issues.