PREREQUISITES: GS2 systems must first be updated to 6.9. LP systems are not supported. 

NEW: Channels-to-phases mapping for TS2 and ITS (ATC). The Phases view of the GRIDSMART Device Manager will show the current Phases and Channel Groups. From this view, pre-configured Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) mode maps (A-L) can be set on the processor, allowing the FYA states to be recognized, logged in archived data, and displayed in the Client. For non-standard scenarios, GRIDSMART can help generate a custom channel map you can push to the device in the Device Manager. Zones can be configured for FYA in the Client when the processor uses mapped FYAs.

NEW: The Device Manager's camera view has been updated to include historical frame rates. Lower-than-expected rates will be indicated with warning icons.

SECURITY: The ability to access the GRIDSMART Client from the device desktop has been disabled by default to improve security and comply with evolving state laws. If this type of access is required, it may be enabled in the Device Manager. Enabling this will allow users to log in to the device as user "GRIDSMART" with the password as configured in the Device Manager. Remote access with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or VNC can also be enabled and disabled independently. As indicated in the notice below, VNC will be removed in the next release. As indicated in the additional notice below, all default passwords and default access will be disabled in the next release.

IMPROVEMENT: The Box for bicycle discrimination and Pedestrian zones are now included in the base GRIDSMART System product and no longer require the Performance Plus Module.

IMPROVEMENT: The false detection rate of bicycles in the box has been improved.

IMPROVEMENT: The Diagnostics view of the Device Manager has been streamlined and shows areas of concern with warning icons.

IMPROVEMENT: The Client now uses the same nomenclature for detector outputs as the cabinet standard.

IMPROVEMENT: The Client will indicate the version of firmware for the selected site in the title bar.

IMPROVEMENT: The Diagnostics button in the Client will now open the Device Manager directly when the site firmware supports it.

IMPROVEMENT: When an action in the Client requires a specific level of user privilege, the login dialog will indicate so. (Note: Admin access to a device always requires HTTPS and is never available over HTTP.)

IMPROVEMENT: After 19.10 has been installed, the Device Manager will indicate the status of the processor during a reboot or an update.

IMPROVEMENT: During an update, the front panel will show progress of the update on the phase lights, while showing stage of update on the call lights, providing more information about where the update is in process.

FIX: The processor will now perform a daily Time Sync. The Device Manager will also indicate whether the selected Time Zone supports Daylight Savings Time. This fix works around an OS issue that could prevent NTP time sync from working correctly in some circumstances.

FIX: Device Manager's camera view will no longer enter a refresh loop when a camera goes missing.

FIX: When navigating away from the Device Manager on the processor, the user will no longer be logged out.

Windows Patches: KB4524445 & KB4525250 

NOTICE: VNC will be removed in the next release. Remote desktop access, if enabled, will use RDP.

NOTICE: All default passwords and default access to the device will be removed in a subsequent release to improve security and comply with evolving state laws. Accounts and credentials will need to be created as the first step of setup in the Device Manager.

NOTICE: The processor will no longer provide HTTP access to the API in the next release. API access will require the use of HTTPS.

NOTICE:  The Engine Display window(s) have been removed.