PREREQUISITES: GS2’s must first be updated to 6.9. Legacy Processors (LPs) are not supported.


CRITICAL NOTE ABOUT THE UPDATE: This update will take a longer time to complete than most prior releases, up to 15 minutes depending on the Processor. It includes both low-level firmware updates as well as security updates to the underlying operating system. Upon reboot, it may take several minutes for the system to start up while the operating system updates are applied, with both the STATUS and CAMSTAT LEDs flashing during this time. 



NEW: Introduces centralized user management by integration with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP.


NEW: Streams is now offered separately from the Performance Plus module so that systems without data licenses can still be used with third-party video management systems that support RTSP 2.0.


NEW: Adds the ability to dynamically edit phase-to-channel mappings in the Device Manager.


NEW: Provides capability in the Device Manager to enable ICMP Echo (ping) to support certain video management systems.


NEW: Adds a new Factory Reset function to the Device Manager that is compliant with California SB-327.


NEW: Provides ability to change the system name in the Device Manager.


NEW: Adds temperature logging and modem signal strength logging to the Diagnostic menu in the Device Manager.


SECURITY: Removes support for HTTP connections. All transport communications are now done using TLS1.2 (SSL).


IMPROVEMENT: Adds a new Control Panel to the Device Manager to streamline the UI.


IMPROVEMENT: Adds ability to view portions of log files in the Device Manager.


IMPROVEMENT: Reduces false detections in some left-turn zones (correspondingly in right-turn zones in left-side driving locales).


IMPROVEMENT: Improves turn type classification when departing vehicles executed a second turn after departing the intersection.


IMPROVEMENT: Improves loss of visibility detection in certain foggy situations.


IMPROVEMENT: Improves performance in nighttime rainy conditions.


IMPROVEMENT: Reduces false detection rate of bikes in the box.


FIX: Resolves rare issues that could cause the computer vision engine to restart.


FIX: Resolves bug that inadvertently disabled zone extensions.


NOTICE: This release removes VNC support as previously noted in the 19.10 changelog. Remote access can still be made available via RDP if enabled in the Device Manager.


Windows Patches