Be sure you have read and understand the Firmware Update Notice and that you are familiar with the Front Panel behavior during an update on the GS2.

  1. If you have previously been using VNC, you must ensure that there are no windows or files open on the Processor.

  2. Disconnect everything from the GRIDSMART Processor except the camera(s), power cable, and controller connections. You must disconnect your laptop and all network cables as well as any peripherals such as mouse, monitor, and/or keyboard.

  3. Insert the Update Stick into one of the USB ports.

  4. Observe the Processor front panel, noting the LEDs on the GS2 or following any directions on a Legacy Processor.

  5. After a few minutes, when the update process is complete, the GS2 will show all green phase LEDs, indicating it's safe to remove the update stick. The Legacy Processor display will instruct you to remove the Update Stick when appropriate.

  6. The Processor will reboot and after several minutes your site will be fully operational and updated.

  7. You may now reconnect anything you previously disconnected such as peripherals or network cables.

Note: There is a known issue - Click Here - that rarely occurs during an update. On GS2 systems toward the end of the update process, You may notice that the LED panel will not come back on and that the Fan is at a high speed.  If this continues for more that 45 seconds there may have been an issue updating the firmware.  Follow the steps here to resolve the issue -> Click Here