We do not recommend connecting the GS2 Processor directly to the Internet using a public IP address. 

Configuring a public IP address on your GS2 will expose it to the public Internet, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to attempt to communicate with it.

If you must connect your GS2 using a public IP address, we highly recommend the follow steps first:

  • Ensure the GS2 is running release version 19.12 or higher.

  • All default passwords should be changed.

  • Remote access (e.g. RDP) should be disabled in the GRIDSMART Device Manager when not in use. Enable it when needed and be sure to disable it when you are done.

  • A signed SSL certificate, from a reputable certificate authority, should be installed via the GRIDSMART Device Manager.


If the above steps are not followed for a device that is configured with a public IP address, this may result in unauthorized access to the GS2 Processor. Taking these actions are not a 100% guarantee to prevent unauthorized access to the GS2. The best action for securing the device is to avoid configuring a public IP address.