AVL TSP Module:

  • ATMS AVL TSP provides priority service to transit vehicles without relying on the physical equipment at the intersection. The position and other transit vehicle progression related information is available via AVL (or similar) devices installed on the vehicles.
  • Common format (GTFS-RT and GTFS STATIC) for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information is utilized to determine if a priority request will be issued from the central system to the controller.
  • The AVL TSP utilizes low priority preemption (LPP) requests.
  • AVL TSP implements the following key features:
  • Poll to retrieve, consume and interpret GTFS static and GTFS-RT
  • Plot Routes and Stops on the ATMS map (and add to Legend menu)
  • Display tooltip for route, stop and vehicle with key attributes
  • Color code bus icon on the ATMS map – conditioned upon behind schedule or requesting priority
  • Add triggering distance (user input) in Intersection Layout to configure LPP setup
  • Map controller and movement/phase to transit route based on LPP setup in the Intersection Layout
  • Update vehicle position (on the map) and calculate LPP triggering time
  • Place LPP calls based on triggering distance and schedule adherence
  • Add two new trajectory-based reports travel time & speed
  • Add UI menus to support:
    • Schedules for GTFS static and RT
    • AVL TSP Priority Rules – based on schedule adherence, per route, vehicle, TOD etc.
    • Customizable selections for TSP, travel time & speed reports
  • Add AVL TSP related alarms and error logs

Traffic Responsive

  • Enabled Scout 85.1.68+ and v80 controller types to operate in Traffic Responsive Pattern Selection mode and process Pattern Download from the central system master

Speed Traps

  • Ability to ingest, process and report speed trap data collected by controllers
  • Speed Traps schedule and Detected Speed report



Other features and improvements:

  • ATC cabinet I/O ABC pin mapping
  • Coord Failure Per Phase (Status and Reset) option
  • Coordination Diagnostics
  • Coordination Diagnostics exception error for v85.1.68+ controller types
  • ATMS-MMU communication via Conflict/MMU to retrieve logs from MMU
  • Manual adjustment of offsets on the Time-Space Diagram for v80 and v85 controller software types
  • Ability to generate splits reports (controller software post conversion)
  • Ability to generate volume/occupancy reports (controller software post conversion)
  • Delete Documents and Notes via “delete” menu option and update checkbox
  • "Delete Jurisdiction" user warning message
  • Logging of uploads/downloads initiated via Scheduler, Instant Download (Pattern, Preempt, Special Function), Incident Trigger and manual commands (Phase Call, Ped Call) in the Transactions report
  • Transactions Report has been updated to include information on the type of action and who initiated the report