Key Features:

  • Trafficware SPM Cloud Service Integration
  • Blue Toad Integration on Bing Map to show travel time, current speed, historical
  • speed, and speed limit.
  • Ability to define presets on Bing Map display
  • Ability to define which devices are displayed on the Bing Map at specified zoom
  • levels.
  • Continued enhancement to v76 edits database functionality.
  • Time Space Diagram changes offset and save to the controller database.
  • Time space print in 2.6
  • v61 template modified to accommodate 5 digit subsystem controllers
  • Continued conversion of reports from Crystal to DevExpress.
  • Continued Stability Improvements.

Defects Addressed:

Scan Screen

  • Scan Screen doesn't display detector failures correctly
  • Closing multiple scan screens by clicking "X" on the screen does not exit the scan screen

Bing Maps

  • Congestion data to remain after refreshing the map
  • Zoom Levels messed up on refreshing the map
  • Controller push-pins scale (instead of fixed sized display).

Connected Vehicle

  • Upon Subscriber deletion, remaining subscribers are collapsed
  • Tab doesn't work for Management Port while creating a Publisher
  • Connected Vehicle subscriber deletion more user-friendly.


  • Implemented camera tour functionality for those Agencies who do not have IV&C.


  • I/O Logic printing issues.
  • Volume/Occupancy per day / Multi day
  • Volume/Occupancy In/Out per Day and Multi day
  • Volume/Occupancy by Lane Report, North-South Right lane data same.
  • Turning Movement Volume Report, data in wrong directions
  • Fix the Volume/Occupancy Report issues
  • Event Scheduler "Export", displays wrong data and not in the order
  • CSV Export Report-splits enhancements
  • Report Split History termination with Max(M),Gap(G), and Force-off(F)
  • Bug in turning movement volume graphic report - totals were not summarized correctly.

Edit Database

  • Give the user the option of moving controller database columns based on the user pref
  • Overlap B+ displays wrong data for V76 controller
  • Add option for ‘other’ in coord param—force mode
  • Able to see the Unit Parms under the All Filter -- I can see them in the controller filter.
  • Phase Option Alt Tables - not showing min or max recall


  • List View column order isn't persisted
  • Conversion tool isn't deleting IP after conversion
  • Assign controllers list doesn't sort by name - only by ID
  • Conversion tool isn't deleting IP after conversion