Integrated a new controller type: v85.2:


Integrated Controller database expansion/changes as the number of patterns, splits, actions, day plan schedules etc. was increased in v85.2. Major changes are listed below (with respect to v85.1):

  1. Number of patterns and pattern specific items was increased from 48 to 253 along with existing patterns 254 (free running) and 255 (flash) supporting a total of 255 patterns. 
  2. Number of schedules was increased from 100 to 128
  3. Number of day plans was increased from 32 to 64
  4. Number of events was increased from 20 to 48
  5. Number of actions was increased from 100 to 255

       Please note: In v85.2.x 

        1. The selection for a Free Ring operation per pattern was moved to Alt Tables+ as it used to be Pattern+ for                         v76.16B[ Note this option does not exist in V85.1]

        2. The default split number changed to match pattern number 

        3. The default pattern number changed to match action number 


Enabled Scout v85.2.x controller types to operate in Traffic Responsive Pattern Selection mode 


Integrated a new  conversion utility to support controller database conversions from v61/v65 to v76 and higher, including newly introduced v85.2. the conversion tool supports:


  1. One to one conversion of all current database configurations (prm to prm, std to std etc.) and archived databases
  2. Bulk conversion – processes multiple controllers provided their source and destination configuration is the same
  3. Conversion from any database configuration file to a .dat file (Local Download option)
  4. Local Download supports multiple controller selection when exporting .dat formats          

The Conversion process updates the current definition’s database format to the new definition’s database format, for all controller database configurations. The same applies to archive databases.


The Upgrade process (post conversion) differentiates two cases: 

  1. controllers maintaining same controller ID
  2. controllers with new controller ID


Pre-conversion database formats can be accessed via Databases -> Conversion History options View, Compare and Pre-Conversion Archives. 

Current or Post-conversion database formats can be accessed.

The Dynamic Timing Sheet, Database options View, Compare, Edit etc. functions are supported in both pre and post conversion formats.

The Database Configuration selection supports 2 most recent (favorite) archives. Archive database selection will persist per user.


Other features (and bug fixes):

  1. For Split History and Split Timeline reports added an UI option for custom phase selection 
  2. The Split Timeline report redesigned to match Split History report layout
  3. Enabled the “Save to Template” option in the Intersection Layout when editing existing templates
  4. Recovered the selection of archived splits tables for report filters
  5. Removed the Type Label in the Preemptions Report for preempt “OFF”
  6. Recovered the Preemption/Pattern trigger via incident trigger functionality
  7. Recovered the Archive Database printing via the Dynamic Timing Sheet & corrected its timestamp 
  8. Enabled Controller Pattern selection by Flex Group for the Controller Pattern report