These pages provide documentation related to the Trafficware line of products  The selections on the left side of this screen will list the .pdf title that can be selected from the ,pdf list located below this table.


Tech Note File Description
tn1000.pdf The Naztec NTCIP Protocol
tn1001.pdf Light Rail Vehicle Preemption (LRVP)
tn1002.pdf 980 Controller Overview Status Screen
tn1004.pdf Setting Up the Garmin GPS Interface in a 980 Secondary v61.x Controller or a 2070 v65.x Controller
tn1005.pdf Programming a TS2 Ver 61.x Controller for First-Time Field Usage
tn1006.pdf Setting Up IP addresses in a StreetWise System and Associated Field Devices
tn1008.pdf Updating (Loading) Software to Flash Memory
tn1009.pdf Converting a Naztec 980 Serial Controller to an Ethernet Controller
tn1010.pdf Installing Network Software on a TS2 Ethernet Board
tn1011.pdf Installing  Software on a Naztec ATC Controller via the USB Port
tn1012.pdf Communicating with the Serial Ports using a Naztec ATC Controller
tn1013.pdf Backing up and Restoring User databases to the ATC
tn1014.pdf Software Installation Instructions for Linux Operating Systems Hardware
tn1015.pdf Software Installation Instructions for OS9 Operating Systems Hardware
tn1016.pdf Licensing Considerations for V76.x or V80.x Software
tn1017.pdf Setting Up a GPS Interface with controllers using V76.x or V80.x Software
tn1018.pdf 170 Controller Host/Engine Board Interface and Setup
tn1019.pdf Setting up an ATC V5 Engine Board to run 10 MBPS
tn1101.pdf NTCIP Coordination By Example
tn1102.pdf Twice Per Cycle Left-Turns
tn1103.pdf The Permitted Lag Left-Turn Display
tn1105.pdf Flashing Yellow Arrows     using Overlaps
tn1106.pdf “HAWK” Pedestrian Signal System
    tn1106-8Chan.pdf “HAWK” Pedestrian Signal System- 8 Channel
tn1107.pdf Setting up Confirmation Lights for Emergency Vehicle Preemptions on a 980 controller
tn1108.pdf Pedestrian Safety Clearance Extension Timing
tn1109.pdf Traffic Signal Performance Measures for the ATC
tn1118.pdf Transferring Traffic Signal Performance Measure data 

Special Function Output Setup by Time of Day    


Method for increasing the intensity of LED     Street Lights upon activation of Pedestrian Detectors    

tn1112.pdf Network Communication to a Commander, ATC or 2070 Controller 
tn1113.pdf Modifying Telnet on a Trafficware 2070-1C CPU
tn1114.pdf Peer to Peer Network Setup Considerations 
tn1115.pdf Modifying the FTP or Telnet Password on a Trafficware 2070-1C CPU or 980 ATC
tn1116.pdf Transit Priority Programming and Engineering Considerations 
tn1117.pdf Lead / Lag Phasing Considerations
tn1200.pdf Independent Pedestrian Overlap Considerations 
tn1201.pdf V80.x Ring and Concurrency Programming Considerations
tn1202.pdf Setting up a controller to interface with an ATC Cabinet
tn1203.pdf Setting up a Go Bar Overlap Using Scout
 Setting up Preemption Service Delay using Scout
 Setting up Preemption Service Delay using V80.5
tn2001.pdf Setting Up Chronomax Pager Service
tn2002.pdf Chronomax Pager Verification Unit Tips
tn2003.pdf Solar Power Assembly Troubleshooting
tn2005.pdf A "Quick" Method for Early Dismissals
tn2006.pdf Internal / External Flasher Selection
tn2007.pdf Using the Internal DC Flasher
tn2008.pdf Interfacing with Ethernet Interface Device
tn3010.pdf NTCIP Database Guidelines Part I
tn3011.pdf NTCIP Database Guidelines Part II
tn3013.pdf How to Use "Inhibit Phases" to Avoid the "Yellow     Trap"

tn3020.pdf Understanding the StreetWise File System
tn3021.pdf Setting Up the GIS Interface in StreetWise or
tn3031.pdf Master and Isolated Communications Configuration for TS2 and 2070 Controllers
tn3032.pdf Modem Communications Basic Settings
tn3033.pdf Setting up the Commander/ATC/2070 Hardware binding for Communications
tn3034.pdf Customizing Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs via the C1 connector on a 2070 with APOGEE v65
tn3035.pdf Customizing Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs via the C11 connector on a 2070 with APOGEE v65
tn3100.pdf Setting Up Remote Desktop Access for ATMS. now Clients that use Windows XP
tn3101.pdf Setting Up Remote Desktop Access on the Communications Server
tn3102.pdf Interfacing with Internet Explorer 8
tn3103.pdf ATMS Data Files
tn3104.pdf Registering V76 Software
tn3105.pdf ATMS Alarm and Event Considerations
tn3106.pdf ATMS Line Segments and Geofence Considerations
tn5001.pdf BIU Troubleshooting Checklist
tn5002.pdf Detector BIU Setup for Controllers using V76.x
tn6001.pdf Loop Detector General Discussion
tn6002.pdf TS1 vs. TS2 Detectors as related to BIU's
tn6005.pdf Setting up a Type 170 Cabinet Detector Rack with Naztec Video Detection
tn6006.pdf Setting up Naztec Video Detection to a TS2 or 2070 controller via a Serial Interface
tn6007.pdf Updated Pod Installation Procedure
tn6201.pdf Field Installation Tips for a Naztec Temperature Probe
tn7001.pdf Modeling 4-Phase Diamond Interchange Operation With Synchro / SimTraffic