This document provides a brief description of the enhancements included within each new release of the software.

Release 10.4.0: October 12, 2022

Warrants has been separated from the Synchro Studio installer. Both the Synchro Studio and Warrants installers can be downloaded from For details on previous Warrants 10.0 updates, please refer to the Synchro Studio 10 Release Notes.

The following bug fixes and enhancements are also included with release 10.4.0

1. Warrant 1 “Details section” Conditions A and B display correct results

2. Warrant 1 “Threshold for Minor Street Volumes” display the correct values

3. Warrant 3 graph display the correct values

4. Warrant 3 chart in report (File>Print All Reports) now matches chart on screen

5. Warrant 7 “Crash Experience” report now displays the minor street vehicle data entered by user into the program

6. Warrant 8 “Met/Not Met” color highlighting has been corrected on report

7. User can open sample file in reader mode now

8. Warrants UTDF import won't require a blank row

9. Warrants Movement "Include in Analysis" option is now working

To get the latest update go here to download -