Major Features:

  1. Support CSW v85.4.x 
  2. Support all options available via SynchroGreen (SG) web interface in ATMS SG module  
    • Including but not limited to: Triggers, Detector Status, Master View extended support, SG alarm etc.
  3. Time Space Diagram (TSD) UI and minor behavior enhancements (change offset option)
  4. Volume/Occupancy reports enhancements to support multi-intersections controllers
  5. Added options in ATMS Conversion Tool to revert to pre-conversion CSW type
  6. Added option in Controller List View to move controllers from Online to Offline List and vice versa
  7. Added Audit Log for controller database actions performed by the ATMS system users
  8. Introduced Dynamic Timing Sheet option to print out only non-zero/non-blank parameters per category
  9. Support GRIDSMART camera Approach View processing and related tilt and zoom options
  10. Introduced Controller License Report to list enabled modules on the controller (Console Parameters)
  11. Introduced highlighting of non-zero or non-blank controller database menu tabs and categories (i.e. values different from default)

Minor Features:

  • Introduced Time-Span Parameter in Volume/Occupancy Report
  • Added custom criteria for Auto and Instant Reports
  • Implemented persist alarm filters in selected details
  • Support multiple GRIDSMART camera credentials
  • Support of Chrome-based VuCom interface (Traficon-ATMS Integration)
  • Enabled custom selection of detectors in Vol/Occ reports
  • Expended support in Timing Sheets - Field Operator Layout to all Scout versions
  • Support multiselect of criteria in Transactions Report - users, types of actions, controller IDs/names
  • Support SynchroGreen deactivation alarm
  • Support creation of Congestion lines based on the intersection and not controller
  • Support vol/occ/ped counts in “CSV Export” reports up to 31 days
  • Support generation of Auto Reports in excel format (global configuration change)
  • Support displaying/printing pedestrian data over multiple days in Vol/Occ Reports
  • Support 128 active alarms in Scan Screens
  • Support movement to phase mapping in Split Reports
  • Support Jurisdictions feature in List and Map View
  • Support GeoData/Intersection Layout mapping in all Vol/Occ reports
  • Introduced Scale All option in Map View – ToolBox to allow the scaling for a controller to be applied to all controllers
  • Supports Fresno Timing Sheet macro and export
  • Renamed Weekly Road Tube Detector to Intersection Weekly Average Volume report, added support for all detectors and approach groups (defined by user in Intersection Layout) to support all controller types reporting in terms of aggregated volumes per day and weekly averages

Bug Fixes:

  • Support of additional events in High Resolution data logging
  • Resolved issues in HiRes data logging and decoding
  • Persist table column width per user including edit database categories
  • Support multiday selection for raw detector vol/occ report
  • Resolved issues with Alarm Dashboard last logged user still showing after user is changed
  • Recovered actions: Copy/Paste and Delete of Intersection Layout and individual or group of scan elements
  • Resolved issues with database editor not reflecting changes properly when sort by column is active
  • Resolved issues with flex group-based Vol/Occ reports not following Jurisdiction
  • Resolved issues with Scout versions ATMS-Synchro Export
  • Resolved issues with controller pushpin not staying checked in the Map options after client is restarted
  • Resolved issues with alarms dashboard not saving layouts correctly (per user customization)
  • Resolved issues with SG interface freezing or missing labels issues, Report labeling
  • Resolved issues with SG Target Cycle not displaying in SG controller list view and SG- Green Utilization Report (Auto Reports as well)
  • Resolved issues with Download with Verify
  • Resolved issues with flex group selection in controller list view when controller is assigned to multiple flex groups
  • Resolved issues with truncated Scheduler list view columns
  • Resolved issues with Split History report by date sorting
  • Resolved peer-to-peer (MM 1->9->3) mismatching for all Scouts in ATMS scan screen
  • Resolved issues with domain user launching Alarms Dashboard from ATMS client
  • Resolved issues with “Create From” option not copying database values when new definition is set up
  • Resolved exceptions in Congestion Alarms when congestion lines associated with “same” approach bound in multi-intersection setups (Intersection Layout – multiple intersections assigned to one controller)
  • Resolved issues with wrong C-v pin mapping (MM 1->9->4) and Preempt Diagnostics mapping (MM 3->1->x->7)
  • Resolved issues with Scan Screen displaying FREE when Correction Mode is Long
  • Resolved issues with deleting congestion lines from Map view (keyboard delete)
  • Resolved issues with non-Jurisdiction controller pushpins displaying in Map View