o Supports new controller type v85.4.x 

o Supports export of local events, vol/occ, split history and HiRes datasets 

o Supports deletion of local events, vol/occ, split history and HiRes datasets 

o Support transfer of retrieved datasets to ATMS for one or multiple controllers at once 

o Supports multi-selection of controllers to perform bulk operations on databases/datasets o Introduced HiRes data Viewer (Scout controller types) 

o Introduced Filtering options in Viewer (v76 and newer controller types) 

o Support Database and GeoData sync for multiple controllers (user selection) 

o Enabled single/multiple row deletion from Viewer for each dataset 

o Introduced Bulk Delete and Export to delete/export all datasets for all available controllers

Bug fixes:

o Resolved backward compatibility issues between StreetSync and older ATMS versions

o Supports school zone clock Chronomax 

o Resolved IP error pop up when serial communication is enabled 

o Resolved issues with application crashing when no city file is available 

o Resolved issues ATMS-StreetSync syncing non-Jurisdiction controllers for older ATMS versions 

o Resolved issues with ATMS-StreetSync syncing only when database timestamps are mismatching (between ATMS server and StreetSync) 

o Resolved issues related to StreetSync start up on machines with no internet connection – NIC not found 

o Resolved issues with Coordination Diagnostics for Scouts v85.2.x and newer