March 28, 2023


Excessive log file entries causing GS3 to become unresponsive



Version (s) Impacted:

22.1.3 or earlier

Notice Type:



Customer Traffic Engineer, IT personnel, Signal Maintenance Crew



When the GRIDSMART Desktop App and/or third-party applications is used to interact with an intersection using a GS3 (utilizing 22.1.3 or earlier), API log entries are created for each data request.  In cases where the GRIDSMART Desktop App is left attached to the GS3 for a “significant” amount of time (days) or multiple users are interacting with the same GS3 using the Desktop App, the GS3 log file may consume all available storage making the GS3 unresponsive.


General Information:

A logfile on the GS3 captures API request and is designed to discard data older than seven (7) days to minimize log file storage requirements.  There is enough storage allocated to support logging more than 200k entries.  A typical Desktop App use case creates 25-50k request every eight (8) to ten (10) days.  However, for use cases where a single Desktop App remains connected to a GS3 24/7 or multiple Desktop App instances are connected to the same GS3 for a significant period (days), the log file may consume all allocated storage on the GS3 running 22.1.3 or earlier.



  • Update GS3 processors to 23.2 or higher as soon as possible.
  • Close the Desktop App when not in use


If there is a desire to force log file cleanup, follow the steps below to reset the log file:

  • Launch the Web App
  • Login with an Admin account
  • Navigate to Settings -> Diagnostics ->Logs
  • Select “Download Logs”


This will trigger the GS3 to create a zip file of the local application logs and download onto the computer used to connect to the GS3.  This process will also cleanup any GS3 system log files older than seven (7) days.



Updating GS3 processors to 22.2 will resolve this issue for nearly all users. The exception to this would be the case of multiple users extensively interacting with the same GS3 using the desktop app and/or using third-party applications to interact with the GS3. This issue will be permanently resolved in the 23.1 release.