PREREQUISITES: GRIDSMART Processors MUST first be updated to 22.2 or later.

CRITICAL NOTE ABOUT THE UPDATE: This update will take less than 10 minutes to complete. It includes both low-level firmware updates as well as security updates to the underlying operating system. Upon reboot, it may take several minutes for the system to start up while the operating system updates are applied, with both the STATUS and CAMSTAT LEDs flashing during this time.


When the update is complete, it will be indicated in two ways:

  • The phase LEDs on the front of the processor will all turn green.
  • The Web App displays a progress bar during the update that will show that the update has completed and the system is rebooting. 


Adds support for FE3 cameras shipped after 7/14/2023.


Improves bike count accuracy and reduces false alarms due to improperly classifying non-bikes as bikes in box detection zones.


Corrects integration with Genetec Security Center to support the GS3 for viewing camera feeds. 

For more information see: GRIDSMART GS3 Integration with Genetec Security Center

A problem where volume totals for multi-day reports did not match the sum of the rows that make up the column.

A problem where cameras that were not configured and had been disconnected from the GRIDSMART processor for longer than 5 minutes remained visible on the Cameras page of the Web App.

A problem where an offline camera did not show the yellow “?” and instead showed a black image with activated zones.

An issue where BIU4 did not appear in the Desktop App Phases & Calls view for TS2 sites.

An issue where a GS3 in a factory default state showed “Continue to Login” before it was possible to do so. 

For more information see: GS3 Start Up Process

A problem where the behavior of the status lights of a GS3 in a factory default state did not match those of a GS2. After powering on either processor, both status LEDs should blink amber until the admin password has been applied.

A problem where cameras aren't power cycled when a GS3 is restarted.

An issue where, after a period of time, the web app became unavailable and an Apache "Service Unavailable" error page was shown instead.

A problem on GS3s where logs failed to download when the configured DNS server's IP address is unreachable. Logs will download regardless of the status of the DNS server.