To make or clear calls on operating zones, you must have connectivity to the site or be running GRIDSMART Client on the Processor. You must also have Admin or Publish level privileges.

  1. Select the Site Card for the connected site of interest from the Sites Homepage.

  2. Move the mouse pointer into a zone and directly over the phase/output label. The phase/output label content will change to action/info icons represented by a gear and the letter "i" respectively.

  3. Click the action gear to expose the Call and Clear buttons.

  4. Select Call to activate a call on the zone. Click Clear to clear a call from the zone. The first time you do this for any zone you will be required to authenticate with your username and password.

For zones with designated phases, calls made like this will persist until the light receives a green. With no designated phase, calls made like this will persist for 10 seconds.

If a call is cleared from a zone in this manner, no calls will be placed for 2 seconds. The zone will not reactivate unless a new vehicle enters the zone or a vehicle already in the zone moves.