GRIDSMART is computationally demanding and makes full use of the GS2 Processor capabilities. It is not surprising that the GS2 often seems hot to touch, particularly in warmer months in warmer climates. A few facts to keep in perspective:

  • The GS2 is designed to NEMA specifications at full load, with dual fisheye cameras and full wattage utilization.
  • 50C (122F) is considered uncomfortable to hold and the GS2 is rated to operate up to 74C (165F), 43F above what is considered uncomfortable to hold.
  • The GS2 fan has three speeds, Low (almost silent), Medium (loud), and High (very loud). It auto-adjusts its speed to the CPU temperature.
  • You can check the CPU temperature remotely via the Client Diagnostics panel (shown in degrees F or degrees C depending on user settings) as shown in the image below.
  • You can also check the CPU temperature via the `diagnosticdata` API (shown in degrees C): 

    `http://<GS2_IP_ADDRESS>:8902/api/diagnosticdata` or `http://<GS2_IP_ADDRESS>:8902/api/diagnosticdata.json`.

  • As a reference point, a GS2 in the south-eastern US in summer 2017, with daytime highs around 95F, was found to maintain temperatures near 125F during daytime, as reported by the Client Diagnostics panel. Overnight, that temperature was found to be about 105F.