1. Enter the IP address of the remote site into the search box in the upper right of the Sites Homepage. You should be able to skip this step if you have previously connected to the site with your Client and the IP address of the corresponding GRIDSMART Processor has not changed.

  2. Click the appropriate Site Card on your Sites Homepage once it appears to view and interact with the remote site.

  3. You should be able to see live images, phases and diagnostics, and zone activations.

  4. You can also make changes to the site as well as make and clear calls on the operating zones.

Please note that the functionality and responsiveness of a remote site can be severely impacted by slow and/or spurious connections.

Note: If you have replaced your computer, you will need to manually connect each site as listed above. Cloud does not currently store IP addresses and will require you to re-enter on your new computer to remotely connect to your sites.