Description: This is a software issue that may affect some GS2s with serial number up to and including GS2-2785, running Firmware 6.6 or 6.7. Client connectivity can slow down significantly over time and the Processor may stop responding to Client requests, thereby failing to show updated images, phases, and/or calls in the Client. This can happen with a remote Client, a Client on a locally connected laptop, and/or a Client running on the Processor. This can occur if (a) the Processor is setup to allow the use of the customer network, but is actually unable to reach over that connection and (b) the Processor cannot reach with the installed cellular modem due to lack of signal and/or improper antenna installation. Both (a) and (b) must be true to trigger the issue.


Solution: To prevent this issue, ensure that the Processor is able to communicate with over the customer network, as indicated by the green check mark in the Site Settings-Network tab, or simply turn off "Let GRIDSMART use my network" on that tab. To access the network settings via the Client, ensure you are connected to the Processor, click Configure in the Site Menu, click Site Settings on the top right, and then click Network. Then you can uncheck the "Let GRIDSMART use my network" and click Apply. This issue will be resolved with GRIDSMART 6.8.