Description: Generating a report in the Client results in “No Page to Display”. This can occur if you are generating one of the reports that doesn’t support Aggregation. When this occurs, it means another report type that does support Aggregation is set to a value other than “None.” A bug in the Report generator is causing the Aggregation setting to be used, even though the current report doesn’t support it. 

Affected reports:

  • Length Classification
  • Incident
  • Green Occupancy
  • Red Occupancy
  • Percent Arrivals on Green
  • Percent Arrivals on Red
  • Speed

Workaround: For both Volume and Turning Movement Counts report types, change the Aggregation setting back to "None." The affected report should now generate successfully. If issues persist, please reach out to support.

Version(s) affected: 6.0 - 19.10

Solution: Update to latest software version   Go to downloads

Fix implemented: v19.12