In order for GRIDSMART to maintain a high-level security score as defined by third party auditor, Praetorian, an Admin password MUST set before the unit can be configured. Therefore, there is no default password configured from the factory, and the onus is on the agency and/or its contractors to create and maintain the GS2’s password.

The following characters are supported for user password creation within the GRIDSMART Device Manager:

Passwords must be a minimum length of 8 characters.

No spaces may be used.























A password management system or LDAP is recommended to ensure passwords are stored safely. If the admin password is lost/forgotten, the Processor must be sent to the factory and reset to its original settings.


There are many enterprise password management systems available. Below is a short list of password managers:


  • 1Password
  • Dashlane
  • LastPass

Third party security testing -