Please be aware that If you are upgrading from older versions to the newest Desktop App it will install as a new application and will leave the old version.  This is on purpose and will be needed if you need to access Processors running older versions.  


To download the latest version of the GRIDSMART App from GRIDSMART Cloud, open a web browser and visit


Sign in to GRIDSMART Cloud or click Sign Up to create a new account.




Once signed in, click the Support dropdown, then click Downloads.



Select the Update Stick or the App Installer that matches your system and download the file.



Double-click the Setup Program or MSI Installer to open the GRIDSMART App Setup.


Accept the Terms and Conditions, then click Install.

The setup program creates shortcuts to the GRIDSMART App on your Start Menu and Desktop.


A progress bar indicates the setup status.


A system restart may be required to complete the installation.




The installer can also be run in a script by calling it in one of these two ways:

For an unattended installation, but with the UI still visible you can call
GRIDSMARTAppInstaller.exe /install /passive
For an unattended installation, and no UI at all you can call
GRIDSMARTAppInstaller.exe /install /quiet
See this screenshot for more details (this help prompt can be brought up by running "GRIDSMARTAppInstaller.exe /?")