Is it possible to copy specific settings to other scenarios or is it a global change that copies many changes?

Data from timings, volumes, and geometries can be copied separately from one scenario to another or multiple scenarios by clicking the “copy scenario” button under Scenario Manager.

Can I update the geometry of all scenarios at the same time?

Being scenario specific, geometry changes will impact the active scenario only.

When I was navigating Synchro 12, I didn’t see the icons we had before to know what was shared between scenarios?

In Synchro 12, every data input is a scenario. So, we removed the shared vs. scenario icons.

Can Synchro 12 files work in Synchro 11 without issues?

Yes, just make sure to save the scenario to Synchro 11 format.

Can I open Synchro 11 files with multiple scenario in Synchro 12?

Yes, this is fully compatible.

When the HCM is updated, will Synchro adjust to any updates in Synchro 12?

Synchro 12 will be up to date with HCM updates.

Is HCM 7th of TWSC analysis for Pedestrian implemented in Synchro 12?

Yes, Synchro 12 supports the HCM 7th Edition pedestrian analysis for TWSC.

Would non-standard intersections (such as 5 legged intersections) be supported by in the latest version with HCM methodology?

HCM 7th Edition supports three and four legged intersections only.

How can I access ITE TripGen 11 data from Synchro 12?

After purchasing TripGen 11 license from ITE, you can access the data using TIA feature in Synchro 12.

Can you still input trips in TIA module without utilizing the ITE TripGen link?

Yes, trip data can be entered manually under TIA in Synchro 12.

For the TIA Trip Distribution, how are the percentages calculated?

TIA Trip Distribution percentages are calculated based on an existing traffic volume in Synchro.